CONTOC, your quartz and quartz oscillator specialist in Landsberg, offers mini-SMD quartz crystals in 3.2 x 2.5 mm ceramic housings for all manufacturers of sub-1GHz radio chips. The SMD quartz crystals, which are produced in absolutely sterile conditions, come with basic sound frequencies of 12 ~ 60 MHz and frequency tolerances of +-8ppm or more. They can be supplied for working temperatures of 0/+40°C to -40/+125°C. Naturally, the SMD03025/4 series quartz crystals can be delivered to the AECQ200 automotive standard. To help our customers with their very short time-to-market, the specialists at CONTOC offer application analyses, circuit analyses, circuit development and circuit simulations for technical added-value. We also have reference designs available.

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