CONTOC, the clocking specialists from Landsberg am Lech, present a very small SMD Crystal from the SMD02016/4 series sized 2.0×1.6mm. This crystal comes in a ceramic casing and was developed to be used, for example, in wireless applications. Standard frequencies are available for ISM bands, wireless M-Bus, ZigBee, WLAN, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, etc. Furthermore, the crystal has an exceptional fundamental frequency spectrum of 24 – 60 MHz. Frequency tolerances of +- 10 ppm at 25°C, temperature stabilities of +- 8 ppm (0/+50°C) and aging rates of +-1 ~ +- 3 ppm are available. This crystal can, of course, be delivered with higher frequency tolerances so that both narrowband and broadband concepts can be realised depending on the requirements. Lower resistances allow for excellent oscillation safety factors. The crystals, which are available with a temperature range of -40/+85°C and are sized 2.0×1.6mm/4pad, can also be used in industrial or medical applications. These crystals can also be configured with a simple Pierce oscillator design (two external capacities to GND). The CONTOC specialists’ service catalogue includes circuit development, analyses, simulations, and matching tests etc., so that the customer can implement their “time to market” schedule very quickly.

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