contoc-roehre-seite-2Based on the most innovative LED component technology, our engineers have managed to create a T8 LED tube that produces more light than a conventional T8 fluorescent tube with less power consumption. The professional LED tubes of the Splendid Gala Office series will illuminate your rooms with a brilliant light, creating an excellent ambiance of well-being and perfect working (workplace lighting) and learning conditions. With the extremely long life of over 50,000 operating hours and the extremely low power consumption, you will save a small fortune in energy and maintenance costs in comparison to conventional fluorescent tubes. As well as the outstanding colour temperature stability and the cross-product standardised light colour, our products also impress in terms of light output. The provided LED‑Starter means the conventional T8 tubes can simply be replaced by our T8 LED‑ tubes (plug‑in). You’ll really benefit from using our Splendid Gala Office T8 LED tubes.

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