The LED panels, which are suitable for the common grid dimensions of 625 x 625 mm² and the low installation height of just 1 cm, may be used as a replacement for the conventional coffered lights with four fluorescent tubes in grid ceilings. They are also suitable for use in extremely flat ceiling structures and can be used as hanging or suspended lamps with the right accessories optionally. The customary 4 x 18 watt coffered lights with a luminous flux of at least 4,100 lumen at just 46 watts can be replaced without the brightness level diminishing and also be used to significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs and generate brilliant light. As an alternative to the standard power supply being part of the scope of delivery the panels can also be delivered including dimmable power supplies and integrated into the intelligent lighting control systems with daylight sensors or central control systems using the DALI. Adapting the brightness of the ambient daylight once again the feel-good factor and the energy savings increase. Using flicker free LED technology combined with the white daylight light (color temperature of 5700 K) emitting evenly and glare free across the entire illuminated area using a diffuser disc as is the case with OLEDs the CONTOC LED panels achieve an invigorating effect similar to real daylight. They offer the best possible workplace lighting even in difficult external lighting conditions and make work less tiring. The LED panels also work without buzzing. With a service life of more than 50,000 hours (after 50,000 hours, 70% of the original luminosity = L-70 still existent) and an extremely high switching stability of over 100,000 switching cycles, going along with outstanding color stability over the entire service life, these panels require much less maintenance than fluorescent tubes. They create a brilliant lighting ambience in rooms with single light color. Of course the flicker free LED panels do not contain any mercury or lead, which means pollution is not an issue. Greener technology for a smarter world. You will be amazed.

For further information: LED Lighting Configurator

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