Constructed using flip-chip technology, this Hi-Power LED can cut high system costs in a variety of ways.

Thanks to the flip-chip technology, the Micro-08 Hi-Power LED can not only be produced very cheaply, but it also has excellent technical parameters. Moreover, it conducts heat much more efficiently than low- and mid-power LEDs, which are poor thermal conductors. Thanks to its patented submount technology, the thermal resistance of the SYXEM® Micro-08 Hi-Power LED is remarkably low at less than 4°C/W. This improves the LED’s thermal stability and lengthens its useful life as well as offering outstanding colour fidelity and consistent performance throug out the LED’s lifespan.
The standard working temperature range is -40°C to +85°C and the standard CCT (correlated colour temperature) range is 2,700 K to approx. 6,500 K. Besides standard selections, client-specific selections with exceptionally high colour homogeneity of up to 2 MacAdam ellipses are also available. Luminous efficacy levels of more than 95 lm/W at 350 mA and light outputs of up to 132 lm are the best solution for current PICO lighting systems. The Hi-Power LEDs are available with CRI values of more than 95.
Because of its very reasonable price, the low-cost SYXEM® Hi Power Micro-08 LED can replace several low- or mid-power LEDs. This would cut all kinds of system costs due to the use of fewer complex PCBs and much smaller cooling elements.
Other costs would be cut through reducing the number of LEDs required, minimising the need for complex monitoring, eliminating sources of error and reducing handling and administrative expenses.

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